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General elections

General elections have just been in this district-less country, as it seems, The Christian Democrat Appeal (CDA), the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD), and the Party for Freedom (PVV) have the majority they need by one seat in the parliament, they have 76/150 seats between them, enough to support themselves a coalition in our parliamentary constitutional monarchy. A thing some monkeys are satisfied with, and some other monkeys fear.

PVV being the important factor here, a party that’s spun of from the VVD, probably internationally, and nationally known best, nay only for its leader, the enigmatic, charismatic and controversial Geert Wilders; in the eyes of some monkeys, but not his own, a racist and most importantly Islamophobe. As people’d expect, he initially got most of its vote from the lower-educated ‘common man’, but this trend has been decreasing slightly recently. He is partially one-issue, focussing a lot on the problems Islam brings, but he also has other issues, some his voter-base don’t know for a large deal. For instance, he wants the Dutch flag standing proudly on all official buildings, wants to have baby monkeys sing the anthem when classes start, focus more on getting them to know Dutch history, but conversely, wants to look into abolishing the international Dutch football-monkey team. He’s a nationalist, pretty much, he just hasn’t realized that a powerful tool to instigate nationalistic pride are the European Cups.

Any sane monkey would outright object to these guys getting into coalition, the party is quite new, very new, all members have next to no experience, they were personally picked by Geert, while most parties have a quasi-democratic voting model to settle these internal issues, Geert holds are the ropes here, he’s the autocrat of the party he founded, what he decides goes. And consequently, no one really knows all these people, all they know is Geert. As a fellow monkey I am partially guilty of this, one simply doesn’t hear any thing of it in the news outside Geert.

This echoes a prævious situation, the situation with the Pim Fortuyn Party (LPF), no one really knew any but Pim, he hand-picked them all, and the party got in a coalition with same CDA, and VVD; it was about the shortest lasting cabinet ever. Except that in this case, they’re all even more faultering idiots than in the last case, the few exposures I had to these people seem to imply that they—including Geert—have no understanding of the Dutch political system what-so-ever.

The point it comes down to is if the VVD (largest party) and the CDA‘ve learnt from this mistake to enter coalition with a bunch of far-right, populist newcomers that have no idea of how the political system works. Assuming they chose not to, what then? They heavily favour each other, and it means they’ll have to get their majority else-where, the other option would immediately be the Labour Party, who is second in the elections and has more seats than the PVV, but Labour’s really not that eye-to-eye with VVD or CDA and is centre-left, opposed to their centre-right. To classify them, a thing I abhor, it would be liberal-right, Christian-democrat, and social-democrat respectively, the former two associatively ‘right wing’ in Dutch politics, the latter ‘left’.

What if they’d rather go with the PVV? They only have a one vote majority, a vote of no confidence will be very easy to get, and I and all the other high-educated monkeys are all expecting them to bumble and screw things up beyond a reasonable margin. It’s a complex situation, but it’s not half as bad as people think, the last four governments fell before they had their four years due, it all started with the change of climate, towards open xenophobia. It’d be lovely to add this government to that list.